We break down the services into segments in order to offer you more tailored services. Let’s together imagine some customer senarios and get to hear the story of Giorgia.

Giorgia, 33 years old, is now running a small startup in Locarno. She would like to have a company website that can demonstrate her services of legal consultation to the public. Instead of a static website, she wants to build an online community.

How can Giorgia use Yoji to achieve what she wants? Well, she will need to contact Yoji Studio to discuss her requirement in detail. She can use the page of Contact to reach us by phone, by email, or face to face meeting. Yoji does offer very flexible services to meet what our clients’ special requirement.

We have built community websites such as VoteFor. You will find websites that we have built on the front page of our website under the section of Testimonials.

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