We break down the services into segments in order to offer you more tailored services. Let’s together imagine some customer senarios and get to hear the story of Marco.

Marco, 32 years old Italian having a Pizzeria in Lugano, Switzerland. His shop opens only for three months and he wants more traffic and more online visibility and even better to allow online order of pizza on his Pizzeria’s website.

How can Marco use Yoji to achieve what he wants? Well, he will be very satisfied with the offer eCommerce Website: Sell online! This service allows exactly what Marco wants: to demonstrate what his Pizzeria can offer and allow clients to place order and pay on his website. The cost is 1,500 CHF. Even better, with the following promotion code, the first-time customers can enjoy 10% discount off the final price.


Get 10% discount from the final price of your first-time purchase.

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